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The Undercover Superstars

1 x Singing Waiters from £995.00p for a 30 minute performance.

2 x Singing Waiters from £1,395.00p for a 30 minute performance.

3 x Singing Waiters from £1,595.00p for a 30 minute performance.

Other performance options are available, please ask us for details.

Please note that travel and accommodation costs may have to be included once we know where the venue is in relation to where our acts are based.

Choose a Line-up

• 2 Male vocalist & One Female Vocalist (or opposite)

• 3 Male Vocalists or 3 Female Vocalists

• 1 Male or Female Vocalists

• 2 Male or Female Dancers

• NEW 1 Male or Female Vocalist / Dancer

• NEW 2 Male or Female Vocalists / Dancers

Choose your characters

• Waiter / Waitress

• Bar Staff

• Guest

• Event Manager

• Emergency Services (Firemen / Ambulance / Policeman etc)

• Chef

Other performance options are available, please ask us for details.

Undercover Superstars are the first to provide a solely modern take on the ever famous singing waiters concept.

Ever fancied a Singing Fireman? An Undercover Guest, or a Dancing Waiter?

We provide Singing Waiters and other characters who will work at your event and when nobody is expecting, will burst into song!

Undercover Superstars are the first act to provide Singing Waiters who perform modern music from artistes such as Robbie Williams, Queen, Aretha Franklyn and Christina Aguilera.

The idea of singing waiters has taken the entertainment industry by storm in the past few years.

The ingenious concept of having three fantastic vocalists ‘undercover’ as waiters, chefs, hotel managers…even guests, has proved to be a popular notion and a brilliant surprise for your unsuspecting audience!

Undercover Superstars is the first company to bring you this concept featuring modern singers and dancers, performing contemporary hits from all eras.

We supply outstanding vocalists to hundreds of events around the world each year – whether it be your wedding, corporate event, Jewish Simcha, private party, or even a hen night or a stag do, Undercover Superstars can come up with a scenario to suit and entertain all!

Upon first contact, we’ll taylor make and design a scenario to suit your event, based on your ideas and specifications.

You can give us an idea for theming the event with a musical genre, or perhaps you’ve got specific ideas as to a story or scenario you’d like us to follow, and you’ll also need to decide what line-up you’d like.

Undercover Superstars offer a mix of male or female vocalists or dancers – all young, enthusiastic, and full of energy to surprise your guests and have them screaming for more!

Ok, so lets set the scene… You’re at your company’s Christmas do….speeches are over and yourself and the rest of your guests are on the verge of being ready to party!

You’re busy chatting away to some guy called ‘Jerry from accounts’ who is sitting next to you, when all of a sudden a waiter who has been serving your table, places down the jug of water he’s been carrying, and bursts into a mind-blowing edition of Queens ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.

This guy is dancing on the tables, schmoozing with the ladies, getting everyone (including you AND ‘Jerry from accounts’) up dancing and clapping…and just when he’s going full steam, in comes the hotel manager to quiet him down.

She whisks him off back to the kitchen and steals his microphone to apologise…except this is no sombre apology, she explodes into a fabulous heart-felt rendition of ‘you make me feel like dancing’!

And dancing is what she does…she grabs you and ‘Jerry from accounts’ by the hand and you take turns swinging her this way and that, while the rest of the room goes wild cheering and singing along!

Just when you think its all over, ‘Jerry from accounts’ suddenly grabs the mic, climbs on top of his chair and shocks everyone with an outstanding performance of ‘Let Me Entertain You’ by Robbie Wiliams.

Turns out ‘Jerry’ is not from ‘Accounts’ at all…he’s Tony, one of the Undercover Superstars and your event has been hijacked!!

This is a truely original way to start off your evening with a great big bang and is an interesting modern take on the already-proved-to-be-popular operatic versions which have hit the entertainment industry hard over the past few years.

Design Your Own Show

Every event is different, and every client we speak to has different ideas as to how our show can work!

We like to work closely alongside you, as the client, to design a scenario that includes your own ideas, after all you know your guests better than we do!

Perhaps you’d like our Undercover Superstars to ‘pick’ on your managing director, or you’d like one of our hunky singers to get ‘Auntie Janice’ up and dancing…whatever you’ve got in mind, we’ll do our best to tailor it into the show.

Exciting Changes!

You can now book 1, 2 or 3 of our Undercover Superstars for your event, meaning we can now offer more cost efficient options for lower budgets

As part of our ‘More for your Money’ scheme, our sound engineer will now DJ for you before the Undercover Superstars performance and up to 2 hours afterwards, creating an entertainment package for the whole evening

Now all that’s left is to come up with a scenario! Take a look at some of the situations we’ve got ourselves into in the past….

Comments from happy customers…

‘A Fabulous night was had by all! I’ll never forget the look on everyones faces! THANK YOU!’

‘What a night! Our managing director was dancing on the table….at the age of 68!’

‘Thank you so much for working so hard to meet our requirements! We’d highly recommend you to anyone!’

‘What a fun take on the original singing waiters idea! As an event planner I will definitely be booking you time and time again!

‘What a fantastic and innovative idea…I’d highly recommend you to anyone looking for something truly spectacular for their event…’

‘I have been, and will continue to rave about this act…I absolutely LOVED the show!’

‘My favourite aspect of the whole evening was when our undercover ‘guest’ burst into song…the look on everyones face was priceless!’

‘Outstanding Vocalists…’