All the best singing waiters acts in the UK in one place!

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The Singing Waiters and Waitresses – Soprano Bella   arrow

The Singing Waiters and Waitresses – Soprano Bella

2 x Singing Waiters from £1,495.00p for a 30 minute performance.

3 x Singing Waiters from £1,795.00p for a 30 minute performance.

4 x planted guests – The Hidden Attributes from £1,895.00p

Other performance options are available, please ask us for details.

Please note that travel and accommodation costs may have to be included once we know where the venue is in relation to where our acts are based.

“Without a doubt – the Best Surprise Act on the market” – Richard Branson

Soprano Bella provide the best Male and Female voices in Entertainment.

All of our performers have played Lead roles in London’s West End or worked for one of Europe’s top opera companies.

The singers that we use for your event will be the best that money can buy.

Singing Waiters

Singing Waitresses

Singers Planted as Guests

Singing Policemen

Singing Firemen

All of the acts contain music from Opera to ABBA – not just opera.

The Surprise Sopranos – Singing Waiters,Waitresses, Chef, Guest.

Surprise and tantalize your guests with the Surprise Sopranos!

“You gave us the WOW factor and more!”- Wedding – Amberley Castle – 19th June 2010

This act consists of a singing chef, a singing maitre’d and a singing waiter. Or for a real surprise, we can disguise one of our singers as one of your guests who bursts into song from the table!

The maitre’d and the waiter characters appear through out the whole of the meal, making sure your guests truly believe she is in charge of the catering staff and organising the event and the waiter actually waits your tables so that everyone believes he/she is a waiter.

At some point during the meal the maitre’d makes an announcement that

the chef who has prepared tonight’s meal, is sadly leaving after tonight’s event and returning to her native Italy.

She coaxes the chef out who very bashfully thanks her and the catering company and seizes the opportunity to do what she has always wanted to do-and bursts into song.

The maitre’d catching the end of her display, storms up to her and banishes her back to the kitchen.

She apologises to the guests and insists that she must make it up to everyone and does that by bursting into song herself!

The chef returns for them to duet together but they are both out done by a third voice that appears from nowhere the waiter at the back of the room! Or even more amazing-one of the guests has burst into song from the table, right before your guests eyes!!