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The Singing Policemen by Soprano Bella!   arrow

The Singing Policemen

2 x Singing Policemen from £1,495.00p for a 30 minute performance.

3 x Singing Policemen from £1,795.00p for a 30 minute performance.

Other performance options are available, please ask us for details.

Please note that travel and accommodation costs may have to be included once we know where the venue is in relation to where our acts are based.

“I am still receiving cards and thank you letters praising the wonderful performance of Soprano Bella – You Made Our Night!” – Wedding – The Grove – 2nd June 2010

2 police officers walk into your event, instantly causing a stir by their very presence. They inform you that a person the police in the area have been looking for has been spotted for the first time in 3 years at this venue today. They are asking for any witnesses who may have seen this person-holding up a large photograph of the face-it turns out to be the company director!

( or ) it turns out to be the best man!

Once the police officers realise the face they want is present in the room-the subject is summoned for a brief questioning outside by one of the officers, whilst the other officer is left in the room to calm the situation-and the only way she/he knows how to do that is by taking all your guests minds right off the situation-by launching into song, with their fantastic and top class voice!

The other police officer returns to see her un-orthodox display and gives her a good telling off, absent mindedly releasing the arrested guest back to his place. After apologising for his fellow officers display, he decides to launch into song himself!

They resolve their differences with a fantastic and up-lifting duet, to only be reprimanded when the chief of police enters into the room!

If you want real fun as well as fantastic music, first class singers and amazing performers, then this is the act for you!