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We provide BH9 finest, Wedding Singing Waiters & Waitresses, Singing Policemen, Singing Firemen, and Planted Guests for Events in BH9.

Singing Waiters and Waitresses

All of our BH9 Singing Waiters acts are highly talented vocal artistes and they all have a wide selection of songs they can perform at your event in BH9.

Singing Waiters & Waitresses are the perfect way to get the fun started at your event in BH9.

They will ‘masquerade’ as waiters, waitresses and a maitre d’, blending in with the professional catering team or venue staff, serving and clearing tables, pouring wine, etc. Naturally, your wedding guests will assume they are simply part of the waiting staff.

At a given moment, usually after dessert is served “the singing waiters” will ‘stage’ a scene which results in a waiter singing a song.

Singing Waiters a Guide to Prices

Their are a lot of factors we need to take into account so we can give you an accurate quote.

The date of your event, where the venue is, performance start time and duration, how many performers you require, how far is the venue from where our act is based, is an overnight stay required etc etc

First of all you will need to choose at least one of our Singing Waiter acts so we can check availability.

Our Singing Waiters & Waitresses acts prices start from £695.00p through to £2,500.00p + Please note that travel and accommodation costs may have to be included once we know where the venue is in relation to where acts are based in relation to BH9.

Singing Waiter Scenarios Explained

Their are many different scenarios depending on which style of act you choose, singing waiters & waitresses, singing firemen, singing policemen, or planted guests etc. One scenario consists of a singing chef, a singing maitre’d and a singing waiter.

Or for a real surprise, we can disguise one of our singers as one of your guests who will burst into song from the table!

The maitre’d and the waiter characters appear throughout the whole of the meal, making absolutely sure your guests truly believe she is in charge of the catering staff and organising the event and the waiter actually waits your tables so that everyone believes he/she is a waiter working for the venue.

What Clients Are Saying…

“Without a shadow of a doubt Exclusive Entertainment Services provide the very best in Surprise Entertainment available in BH9Today!